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10 tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant

Using a virtual assistant can be a key component to help you manage your business or help you take it to the next level. A virtual assistant (or VA as commonly known) can be the lifeline you are looking for if you feel like you are being swamped by your own workload. Most virtual assistants are contract or freelancers who work from home, but some can work on site if required.

The number of VA's is growing and their experience is vast, making them a highly effective way to grow your team without incurring the costs associated with an employee. They become a member of your team who just happen to work remotely. If you are thinking of hiring a virtual assistant but don't know where to start, here are 10 examples of work you could outsource to one.

1. Social Media

Put your VA in charge of your social media accounts. Social media is a necessary part of any business these days, but is very time consuming. Outsourcing social media is one of the most popular tasks to give to a VA. Content planning, scheduling posts and responding to messages, all could be things you no longer need to worry about.

2. Email management

Delegate the responsibility of updating your email list, sending out mailings and collecting analytics to your VA. They could even cleanse your email account and help categorise what's in there. Responding to certain emails could also be tasked to them.

3. Database management

Continually updating your databases is a time consuming task that can easily be outsourced. There are a number of ways that documents can be shared such as Dropbox or Google docs so that shared access can be gained.

4. Transcribing audios

Is transcription part of your business? Or you may prefer to make your notes verbally. Most VA's charge a flat rate per one thousand words or some may charge by the hour. Communicate how you would like your transcription to be laid out and that's another task off your hands!

5. Proofreading and editing

Self editing is difficult, and mistakes can easily be made if you are struggling for time. A virtual assistant can review your blog posts, newsletters, letters or other publications for errors.

6. Preparing presentations

Have you got all the ideas but haven't got the time to make them look amazing in a Powerpoint presentation? Send your notes to your virtual assistant and ask them to convert them into a powerful presentation that will impress potential clients or your fellow employees.

7. Research

In order to grow your business or to help make important decisions, time consuming research is a necessity. This might be research on your market, competitors or a new idea you are considering. Your VA can help with this and prepare reports on the findings.

8. Invoicing and bookkeeping

Getting paid is such an important part of any business! But if you don't have the time, this can become a real headache. You might not have the time to send out invoices let alone chase them! Get your virtual assistant to work with you, they can work with your current system or they may suggest an automated system such as Zero, Quickbooks, Invoicely or Wave. Other bookkeeping tasks such as paying the bills, and recording spending can also be outsourced.

9. Travel planning and arrangements

Do you travel frequently with your business? Travel arrangements are a time consuming but essential part of your business. Your virtual assistant can take the time you don't have to find you the best price for your flights, train tickets and accommodation ,making sure you get the best possible solution for your budget.

10. Newsletters

Pass on your notes and ideas of what you would like your latest newsletters to include and your VA can do the rest. Writing the newsletter, proofreading, editing and even sending out to your email list. However, with GDPR in mind, make sure you have obtained the correct consent from your mailing list.

Time poor?

The list of tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant is endless!

At Full Stop Business Support I can help you with all the 10 points mentioned above.

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